January 30, 2016


Knysna English School - Agent

At Knysna English School we know the value of our agents and we therefore pride ourselves on treating our agents well. So what does that mean for you as an agent?

Knysna English School provides training for agents about what English courses we have to offer, about our teachers, about accommodation options and about our beautiful town and the Garden Route.

Knysna English School offers electronic marketing materials, agent approval certificates and an informative website that students can visit.

Knysna English School offers the highest quality English tuition, accommodation and tourist activities so that agents can rest assured that students will have the best English-learning experience possible.

And lastly but most importantly, we offer a very high commission rate because we know how much work agents have to do. We are also very flexible with the packages and courses we offer. We are here to make sure that you are able to provide your students with the best experience at the best price, while at the same time insuring that you are well compensated. Knysna English School and our agents are a team!