Learning English Outside of the Classroom

Knysna English School - English Student Reading an English Book to Improve their English

When learning English at Knysna English School, there are many extra things you can do to speed up the process of perfecting your English. The learning does not stop in the classroom, but extends to every minute that you are in South Africa. This type of language programme is called an ‘immersion programme’ and is highly recommend for those who want to improve their English rapidly.

Firstly, do not be shy to speak English at every opportunity. Speak to your fellow students, your teachers, the school staff, cashiers in shops, waiters in restaurants, people you meet in the street and your host family. You may feel embarrassed that you are going to make many mistakes but you will be surprised how happy people are that you try to speak English with them.

Secondly, read everything and anything in English you can get your hands on. A great idea is to get magazines which are written around subjects that interest you. This will make the reading more valuable for your English language improvement. But reading things like children’s books, street signs and even food labels will also help!

Lastly, listen to spoken English at every opportunity. This could be when you are in a conversation with somebody but can also mean listening to the radio, podcasts, English music and of course the television. In fact, the television can be one of your greatest tools for learning to speak English. You can listen and read subtitles in English at the same time. This makes the understanding of what you are watching much easier. And another bonus is that you will learn idiomatic language and expression, which will get you so much closer to sounding like a native English speaker!

The power to learn English is in your hands. All you need to do is grab it!

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