February 23, 2016


Knysna English School - Teach English as a Foreign Language

All the detail about our TEFL courses are available from our website: www.TeachEnglishOverseas.co.za

Travel the world as a qualified TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) teacher by taking a TEFL course with Knysna English School’s Teach English Overseas TEFL Academy. We offer a high-quality TEFL course in a fun and dynamic way.  Learning should be something that you enjoy and therefore we incorporate many interesting and diverse methods on our course.

In order to be fully prepared for teaching abroad or Online, it is vital to attend a course where you get high-quality intensive training in the latest teaching methodologies and enough practical teaching hours. You will be able to get a better position more easily with higher remuneration as a result of this as employers are becoming less and less likely to employ teachers that have only done an online TEFL course.

Take the first step to your new and exciting career and contact us today on WHatsApp 072 611 7033 – Suzette Coetzee or [email protected] or Phone / WhatsApp 072 075 2945 – Michiel Coetzee