The Communicative Approach

Knysna English School - English Students Learning English with Communicative Approach

At Knysna English School, we use the Communicate Approach to teach our students English. This is a teaching methodology that you might not be familiar with and which might seem strange and unusual at first. But once you have taken an English course with us, you will see how effective it is and how much you will enjoy learning English.

It is believed that English students will learn more successfully, with more ease and with more enjoyment if they are interested in what they are learning. I’m sure most people will agree that they find it really easy to remember things that interest them, rather than dry and boring facts. So what does this mean for an English lesson?

English classes in schools that use the Communicative Approach are interactive, varied and engaging. This means that students might discuss a film, might perform a role play or might even go outside and ask people questions in the street. The teacher’s role in the classroom is less that of a lecturer, and more one of a facilitator. They set the scene, ask some guiding questions and then let students communicate in a safe and supportive environment, while still correcting and taking note of errors to discuss later. Traditionally teachers have been there to impart knowledge, with little or no input from their students. Many students are used to this type of student-teacher interaction yet this does not take into account what students themselves know already and what they enjoy learning about. A successful Communicative Approach English class will leave students feeling empowered, motivated and excited about their next English class and that is why we employ this approach at Knysna English School.

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